Using a magazine category planogram will help you to arrange your magazines in a logical layout.

No two planograms can ever be the same, but the layout should flow so similar magazine titles are displayed near to each other in a logical rather than a random sequence.

Before implementing your new planogram, remove all deleted/discontinued titles (the ones you reduced to nil or will in the future only be offering as a shop save) from your display and early return them to your wholesaler.

Rearrange the remaining magazines to correspond with your new planogram layout. This will create more impact and a more logical display.

Make a note of those titles that are both out of stock and new additions to your range that have not yet been received. Allow enough space for these in the right places in your display and order some extras from your supplying wholesaler at the earliest opportunity to tide you over until the new issue is on sale.

The industry standard is 8 titles per metre.

If none of these planograms best suit your display, then please email for advice.